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Menno Deen nominated for Fontys Research Prize with G.A.M.E.

Menno Deen has been nominated for the Fontys Research Prize with his research project G.A.M.E. (Games Autonomy Motivation and Education). The research project G.A.M.E. developed a design strategy for educational games that can improve the motivation of students when it comes to learning

The strategy, in which a game is being characterised as a restructuring activity, is gaining more and more support within the industry and education institutions outside Fontys ICT. The PhD thesis that this project yielded has been viewed over 2000 times and is being used as subject matter by various education institutions (i.a. San Diego State University, NHTV Game Design, UvA Game Studies). The design strategy explains designers how to develop a game that stimulates autonomy within the tight frameworks defined by the curriculum. Within an autonomy supporting game, players (and thus students) get the chance to decide themselves how they want to learn. This kind of games strengthen the autonomy of the player and offer various learning styles within a single product.

About Menno Deen.

Menno Deen obtained his doctorate at the Fontys Hogeschool ICT and the TU/e. His study of design strategies for serious games, aimed at improving the motivation of the player, has yielded a very unique response in the educational world, the game industry and other knowledge institutions. His knowledge is being spread through various publications in scientific journals, professional magazines and blogs.

Fontys Research Award

Fontys continues developing into a knowledge institution with strong roots in its region. Practice-oriented research is paramount herein. Fontys wishes to bring the results of this research into the limelight and profile themselves more prominently in the region. The Fontys Research Award was called to life to stimulate this. This award is awarded to an employee or master student of Fontys who worked exceptionally hard on a certain practice oriented research project. Such a project is aimed at, or developed and executed together with, parties in the business world and Fontys has profiled itself with the project in question as a knowledge institution with strong ties with the region.

Award ceremony Fontys Research award on 4 January 2016

The award will be handed out by the Board of Directors during the New Year Reception on Monday 4 January. The winner will receive a first prize, consisting of a 2 or 3 week stay at one of our sister institutions abroad. That time will be used to work on the research. The prize consists of reimbursement of travelling and accommodation costs, as well as the out-of-pocket expenses. The second prize is € 2000. The third prize is € 1000.

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