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Teachers Luuk, Menno and Mark selected for the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco

Teachers Luuk Waarbroek, Menno Deen and Mark van Kuijk were selected by the stimulation fund to go to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2016 in San Francisco. There they were allowed to present a game at the local multiplayer summit.

They were 2 of the 10 selected participants that were allowed to represent the Dutch Game Industry. "Really cool that we have been chosen to do this!" Mark van Kuijk exclaims enthusiastically.

Luuk Waarbroek was chosen for the game he had made during the gamejam with, among others, student Ivo Geelhoed: Hangmen. Under his own company name Napalmtree. The game Rups by Mark van Kuijk and Menno Deen (Lapp) was also selected. Central to this game is the concept of children and parents playing together.

The stimulation fund for Creative Industries asked game designers to come up with a proposal aimed at participation in the Local Multiplayer event during the Game Developers Conference 2016 in San Francisco (14 - 18 March 2016). The GDC San Francisco is the longest-running game industry event for professionals. Additionally, GDC is one of the first commercial congresses that has also started focusing on independent games. In 2015, GDC, with over 26,000 visitors, grew into the largest event for professionals in the game industry worldwide. The most important part of the GDC is the congress, in which visitors take part in over a hundred sessions, panels and tutorials within a week.

The stimulation fund, among others, organised a Local Multiplayer event and a prototype showcase at the GDC San Francisco 2016, to support and promote the Dutch game industry. During the Local Multiplayer event, the fund offered a presentation space at a location near the congress centre, for a maximum of ten game developers. Selected visitors were given the possibility of presenting their game at the event, a partial reimbursement of the travel and accommodation expenses and an entrance card for the Indie Summit at the GDC San Francisco. Prior to the GDC, there was a pitch training for the participants.

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