Computable Award 2015

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

SNS Bank, CGI and Pinkroccade (Partners in Education) win a prize at the Computable Award 2015

On 3 November 2015 the tenth edition of the award ceremonies of the most prominent ICT awards in the Netherlands took place, the Computable Awards. The award ceremony took place at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. People could vote for the various companies and projects from June on. The winners were chosen by an independent jury and the readers of Computable.

SNS Bank: ICT-employer of the year in the category non-ICT-organisations

In the course of a spectacular show, nineteen prizes were awarded to various organisations and individuals. SNS Bank is the first winner in the category"ICT-employer of the year in the category non-ICT-organisations". This award came into existence based on research by Enigma Research, commissioned by Computable. ICT people were asked about their opinion on their own employer. They were specifically asked about how satisfied they were with regard to their tasks and responsibilities, appreciation and the facilitation of optimal functioning. In addition education, involvement with the employer and satisfaction about the employer were assessed. With an overall average of 9,11 points out of ten, SNS Bank scored best. Pinkroccade was awarded a project award for their project LARS. CGI got the title "Best ICT service provider of the year."

Proud of our Partners in Education! For more information and an overview of the winners:

*Fontys Hogescholen was also awarded a prize for best ICT-school. Even though this makes it sound like FHICT won this prize, the prize was really won by the Objexlab, a part of of the hogeschool Engineering. Congratulations to our colleagues!