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The Fontys ICT app, all information in a central place

Fontys Hogeschool ICT has its own app! The app has been developed by application developer Stephan van Rooij. What are the possibilities of this app? What is the goal? And for whom is the app intended? Stephan explains.

Why a Fontys ICT app?

With this app, we offer all employees and students of FHICT the possibility of getting their information in a central place. We developed this app ourselves and therefore it meets our requirements in terms of security.

What is the Fontys ICT app for?

The purpose of the FHICT App is giving students and employees access to important information like time tables, contact information of employees, announcements and news, in an easy and safe way.

Where can I download the app?

You can find everything related to this app at, including a link to the Play store for Android and an installation link for iPhone.

For whom is the app intended?

This app was developed for both students and employees of Fontys Hogeschool ICT. You also need your i-account once, so that the app knows you're authorised to access certain information.

In what way is this app of added value to employees?

It makes it easy to call colleagues or check your own schedule or that of others.

In what way is this app of added value to students?

Check your schedule and results in an instant. Next to that, the app offers easy access to announcements and news from FHICT.

In the near future we want to add more features to the app. Is something missing, have you found a bug in the app, or do you have any other remarks? Contact us at

Download the Fontys ICT app now on

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