P1 Event

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Students from the first semester proudly present their projects at the P1 event

The P1 event is the ultimate opportunity to see what the 1st year students have achieved working together in a project group for about 8 weeks. And that's quite something. The standards were very high this year. Students from the first semester proudly presented their projects at both location Tilburg (3 November) and Eindhoven (4 November).

Game Design vs. Security

All projects had a link with ICT & Game Design or ICT & Security. The 1st year students had to make a choice between these two themes. Subsequently they worked together in a project group on a concept with an accompanying business plan, a website and a working prototype. The whole concept was then presented at the P1 event.

In the afternoon, both teachers and experts assessed the various projects. They officially graded it. Exciting! Because does it all work? And would everything be finished in time? After this assessment, the students could relax and enjoy a delicious snack from one of the snack stands. In the evening it was time for the students' families to come admire the projects. Proud parents, brothers and sisters filled the R1 building. It was a convivial get-together with a lot of pictures being taken of the various projects.

Nick, Sam, Ferry, Sonny and Cas of project group "Serious Monkeys" presented the concept "Reanimate." They believe everyone can learn to reanimate. By introducing this concept, they make this learning process accessible. Tolga, Arjan, Rob, Stijn and Bryan also proudly talked about their project: "Traffication." A game for kids in primary school to better learn traffic rules. A professional presentation. But there is still so much more. For instance, Stan, Rik, Sander, Chris and Marianna developed the concept Q-iz. This concept was conceived while waiting in queue at The Efteling. The waiting, they thought, actually was pretty boring. They invented a quiz and an extension for the Efteling app.

The students' relatives were also allowed to rate the projects. This year there was a new system to do this. All students were given a unique link they could send to, for instance their parents. These were subsequently allowed to award 1, 2 or 3 votes to their favourite projects. The project with the most votes could consider itself the winner of the P1 event 2015.

The winners

The winners of location Tilburg were for ICT & Game Design "Arenean Arcade" and "Rascal Games." The winners for ICT & Security were "Fire Alert" and "groep C." The winners of location Eindhoven for ICT & Game Design were the project groups "Crossy Rift Game" and "Let it Grow". The presentation by "Let it Grow" had been taken care of down to the smallest details . They conceived of an interactive game in which you had to grow a sunflower with, among others, sun, water and insecticides. This way, children learn something about the growth of plants, but also about choosing a strategy.

The winners for ICT & Security were the project groups "Drugstester" and "Active Cooling". "Active Cooling" has big plans for the future. "We want to take this concept to car dealers. Maybe we can develop it and sell it."

After the award ceremony there was the opportunity to socialise and enjoy a well-earned drink. It was a very intensive and long day, but it certainly was worth it!

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