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Kick-off meeting VR Platform well-attended

On Friday 13 November the kick-off meeting of the VR platform in the open space at the 3rd floor R1 took place. The goal of this meeting was joining the forces of the various organisations and businesses in the field of Virtual Reality and to unfold the plans with regard to a VR platform.

Why a VR platform

Ever since the start of the Virtual Reality laboratory (VR lab) at Fontys Hogeschool ICT in 2009, industrial businesses, the medical world, architecture and the serious games companies have shown a growing interest in a cooperating with us. Because of this, and because the potential of VR techniques are getting ever more acknowledged, we have started a feasibility study into the expansion of the current facilities into a regional Expertise centre.

Within the framework of this study, we have had many talks with fellow knowledge institutions, but also with leading, medium-sized and small companies that are either already involved in VR or that might significantly benefit from VR in terms of competitiveness and innovative power.

From all these talks, it appeared that there is a need for an accessible network in which all (regional) players – from developers to users - can meet each other on a regular basis, within which technologies and/or prototypes can be demonstrated and that offers room for discussion about possible joint project initiatives. The answer: a VR platform.

The kick-off

Sjaak Verwaaijen, initiator of the VR platform, opened the kick-off meeting at 14:00 sharp. In his opening speech, he introduced, among others, the five different project groups from the Virtual Reality minor, and their projects. Each has their own expertise and product for a specific company. DAF Truck, NFI, OCE, Ordina and VanderLande were closely involved in this. Visitors could view the various projects, but also experience them. An example is the application that was developed for the Occulus Rift, with which you could view the products of OCE. Additionally, visitors could have a look inside the VR Cave, a very unique experience!

At 15:00, Michèl van Eekhout presented the background, the current state of affairs and the future of the VR platform. Among others, Michèl introduced three different forms of participation in the VR platform; from being a personal member to being a sponsor. Visitors could show their interest at the end of the afternoon by returning their badge either in the 'yes' or the 'no' box. There was also room for discussion, in which each participant was asked a central question: in which aspects within the theme could VR play an important role?

To conclude the kick-off meeting, there were drinks afterwards, as well as the possibility of visiting the stands of the projects…and of course of trying out yourself!

More info

VR platform: fontys.nl

3e Virtual Reality symposium: mikrocentrum.nl

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