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CTF team, barely established and a 1st prize already!

6 October 2015, the CTF team (Capture the flag) of Fontys Hogeschool ICT won the 1st prize at the annual CTF event of the PvIB (Platform for information security). A remarkable feat, taking into account that the CTF team of Fontys Hogeschool ICT had only been established a few weeks before.

Education is also possible outside of the classroom

During the CTF event students had to use their knowledge of cyber security to solve so called "puzzle parts" to earn the "flag". Both students and companies were represented, making it a cutting edge competition.

Stephanie, initiator of the FHICT CTF team, is very proud of this achievement. "Our goal was to not end in the last place but we went home instead with the 1st prize!" Casper Schellekens, teacher ICT & Cyber security and innovation owner, is also very enthusiastic. "That such a spontaneous idea can turn into such a success. Great! Good to see that education is thus also possible outside of the classroom."


Stephanie has even more ambitions with the CTF team. She plans to deliver even better ICT & Cyber Security students in two years. According to her, the educational program can be improved in this respect and she thinks this is en excellent way to do it. "It really is a motivation to excel. “It offers a means of further improving our education." she says.

Additionally, Casper and Stephanie both have the ambition of recruiting even more members for the CTF team. The CTF team meets every Thursday and Friday at 15:00. In these meetings the online challenges are being solved, among others. Of course they are also just nice meetings that offer you the opportunity of quickly meeting a lot of new people who share your interests. Everybody is welcome in the CTF team: both students and employees of all Fontys institutes. Interested? Members@hatstack.nl

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