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Fontys Factory one of the highlights at DDW2015

De Dutch Design Week: the event that transforms Eindhoven into a world city for ten days. Friday evening the official kick-off took place. About 250,000 people visited Eindhoven and immersed themselves in the world of design. The theme was "What If.." and had to accentuate the imagination of designers.

Fontys Hogeschool ICT: proud of the end result

This year Fontys Hogeschool ICT was represented at DDW by the exposition Fontys Factory Cancer. Students of various educational programmes and professional designers worked together in this project. Next to that, especially the cooperation with KWF Kankerbestrijding was special. Woody Veneman and Bram Tuns are the employees of Fontys Hogeschool ICT who were involved in this project. "By appealing to their talents, leaving behind prejudices and in that way creating brain space, the students have experienced a very exciting and emotional expedition within a very short time. The result: a captivating and compelling compilation of images and stories," says Woody. Students too were very enthusiastic about the cooperation and the eventual result. Student Demi Nietveld worked on the project "Immortal Canary", among others, and is very proud of the end result. "We have depicted it very beautifully and have provided a very clear, new image of cancer. My story was given a place by Immortal Canary and might also help other people now." The process was pretty chaotic and busy the last few weeks, according to Demi. "But it was all worth it! We can all be very proud of the end result!"

The exposition: from a yellow canary to stacked chairs

The exposition was very impressive A scary, clinical subject was depicted in such a way that it became ultimately suitable for discussion. My compliments to the students. It puts cancer in a totally different light. As soon as you walked into the exposition room, one thing immediately caught the eye: a stack of chairs up to the ceiling. A very impressive picture of that of which you are very apprehensive: "Versisque 2.0." The spread table also catches the attention "Table of Content:" a dinner with an infinite number of courses. The room was filled with the voice of the project "Embodiment. What if cancer could speak to us?" A monologue from a cancer cell. Remarkable work. That was what KWF Kankerbestrijding thought too. They published the video, among others, on their Facebook page. Of course there were many more projects to see: from a yellow canary to a claw crane with medicine in it. There were also four displays screening images and videos of workshops by professional designers Renee Scheepers, Arne Hendriks, Raw Color and Thomas Lommée. These workshops had been the inspiration for the projects.

One of the highlights DDW 2015 and blogger Mark Dubach called Fontys Factory Cancer one of the highlights of the DDW 2015. An exposition that was certainly worth visiting.

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