OWASP meeting

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

From pizzas to Jim Manico, OWASP meeting organised by FHICT was a real succes

On 15 October 2015 Fontys Hogeschool ICT organised an OWASP meeting. And it was a success! According to fine traditions, we started with pizza and subsequently enjoyed listening to speaker Jim Manico. "The meeting was accessible and fun. It was a nice blend of professionals and students, both from FHICT and from other education programmes," says Casper Schellekens.

"OWASP came to us for a so-called chapter meeting. OWASP is known for their OWASP top 10 of web application security problems and web security tools like OWASP ZAP and Webgoat. The global non-profit organisation has been divided into national chapters. There is also a Dutch chapter, with Martin Knobloch as one of the Chapter leaders," so says Casper Schellekens.

The lectures were by Jim Manico, security specialist and global board member of OWASP. His first talk was a summing-up of security principles in software and mistakes in this that can lead to security problems. This was a fairly straightforward story but it was still very relevant. It was fun to listen to. "I think the audience was able to appreciate his friendly insults," says Casper. The second talk was about OAuth, an open authentication protocol for the delegation of rights among others used by Twitter.

Another OWASP chapter meeting at Fontys FHICT next year?

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