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Videos Ambitionthemes

Three years ago we made a start with coming to the ambition plan of FHICT. Our ambition to be accredited 'excellent' was (too) ambitious, we were told. The themes have been called in 2012, in consultation with our social environment, students and employees. We have worked on these themes with a lot of fervour and in 2013 we established our ambitions for 2016 in our ambition plan.

Now, three years later and halfway into the term, we can proudly look back on what we achieved. We are well on the way to reaching our goal and parts of the themes are currently being implemented in the educational program. For 7 of the 8 themes we're well over halfway: the ambitions have been stated clearly and the implementation is currently taking place. The ambition theme "Knowledge institution" is lagging behind, but thanks to the new lectorates "Open Educational Resources" and "Big Data", the expertise centre "Virtual Reality", our vision on research and the "open labs" (BEAN), we're sure we will catch up.

To gain a good oversight over all the ambition themes, the following videos were made.

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