Free Your Mind The Un-matrix

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The film Free Your Mind - The Un-matrix is online. Experience the final result of Weird Week Eindhoven 2016

From Monday 15 February up to and including Friday 19 February 2016 the third edition of the Weird Week took place in the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S Eindhoven. However, this was the first time that this project week was being organised for (almost) all 1200 Dutch full-time students of Fontys Hogeschool ICT. In this experimental project week, students and teachers worked on the theme 'Free Your Mind - The Un-Matrix'. On Friday 19 February visitors and people interested in the topic were very welcome to come and see the final expositions in the Klokgebouw.

First, second, third and fourth year students worked together in interdisciplinary teams, on a main assignment that consisted of two components: virtual and physical. The virtual part was the translation of a minute into an own adaptation. Based on the film The Matrix, students studied the question of what is reality and what is not.

On Friday 19 February there were two final expositions in the Klokgebouw. The first final exposition was the physical exposition. Everybody was welcome between 14:00 and 17:00 o'clock. During this exposition students presented their study, the work made, their experiments and their findings. From 20:00 to 22:00 the second exposition took place. For this occasion, the Klokgebouw was transformed into a real cinema. All virtual minutes were subsequently screened as part of one long film that showed what The Un-Matrix is. Sadly a few minutes were missing as a result of a shortage of time. But don't worry! The film is online on Vimeo now and can be viewed by everyone who wants to see it. So sit down, pull out your bucket of pop corn and experience The Un-Matrix. The final result of Weird Week Eindhoven 2016

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