Project B Challenge

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Dream IT wins Project B Challenge with augmented-reality app Siemie and Koko

Five students of Fontys Hogeschool ICT (project group Dream IT) won the second edition of the Project B Challenge with their augmented reality-app "Siemie & Koko". The app takes away 4 to 8 year-old kids' fear of hospitals, using the augmented reality figures Siemie and Koko.

Siemie & Koko

The winning team Dream IT' (consisting of Daisy Ambaum, Germaine op de Kamp, Luc Drissen, Menno Sijben and Nick Knoops) invented an application for smartphones and tablets to take away children's fear of hospitals. Using augmented reality, the app shows fantasy figures throughout the hospital. These figures are called Siemie and Koko and show up at markers that are spread throughout the hospital. Children can also play with Siemie and Koko when they're still recovering. (403)

2nd edition of Project B Challenge

The Project B Challenge was first organised in 2014 with an award ceremony in 2015. This second edition started in 2015 and its award ceremony took place on the evening of Monday 20 June 2016. Tweakers organised the competition in collaboration with Sogeti and a few Applied Universities. Out of all of the candidate Applied Universities, Hogeschool Avans, Fontys Hogeschool ICT Eindhoven, Hogeschool Utrecht and the Haagse Hogeschool were the ones making it to the final.


Dream IT won several awards with their app. These students had won the "Viral Award 2016" before, at the 4th edition of the ICTalent Awards on 25 May 2016 and were one of three finalists at this event. Students: congratulations!


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