Open Evening

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Open Evening 16 March in Tilburg and Eindhoven was well-visited

On Wednesday 16 March, another Open Evening took place between 18:00 and 21:00. We once again managed to attract many visitors, both in Eindhoven and in Tilburg.


"The Open Evening in Tilburg on 16 March was attended by 52 potentials. The first visitors arrived at the reception at 18:00 sharp. There they were professionally welcomed by two PR-students. The general information meeting took place three times over the course of the meeting and each time the room was filled to the last chair with interested people. The software workshop Makey Makey was also very popular. At least 35 people attended the workshop. A few students brought their project from the Weird Week so visitors could come enjoy watching cars that play soccer and experience VR glasses. Visitors said that the conversations with the PR-students were very informative. Then again, the teachers weren't the only ones who worked hard to make this day a success. These students put in a lot of effort too!" – Jeanine van Geest


"In Eindhoven it remained busy until at least 20:30. We arranged two classrooms in a theatre setting, to be able to inform as many people as possible. Visitors could attend an information round every quarter of an hour. In total we have given 10 information rounds. Colleagues Cees van Tilborg, Chris Geene, Carli Kleijnen and Myriam Scheepers – van Dijk held enthusiastic 20 minute speeches about the various education programmes. They were helped by a few sociable PR-students, such as Berit de Jong, Aylin Nederlof and Nina Hermens. Marian Jager also did a lot of conversations about the first semester and/or the transition from secondary vocational education to higher vocational education. After the information round, visitors could check out the thematic rooms for all the main study routes and specialisation routes or take part in the workshop "A creative introduction to programming". It was busy throughout the building all evening. In total, we welcomed 165 potentials for the full-time study programme. " – Elga van Heel

A big thank-you to all our colleagues and students! Without you, this evening couldn't have been such a success!