American television-crew CANVAS

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Recordings by American television-crew CANVAS

Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 May 2016 there was an American television crew at FHICT Eindhoven. The crew was there to shoot some footage of CANVAS, to make international videos for this system. Among others FHICT teachers Eric Slaats, Martijn Ruissen, Rob van Stratum and Coen Crombach were being interviewed in front of the camera. A few students were also invited to talk about their experiences.

"They wanted to see what we're doing with Canvas, especially our more open approach and innovations like feedpulse and competence profiling," Eric Slaats says. "Next to that they've asked us whether we would be willing to speak in Colorado, factually a follow-up on keynotes in London. That congress was moved from 20 June to 20 July however. That didn't suit us so well, so they already recorded part of it."

We will certainly be able to see the result of that. The video will be used by Instructure at their congresses next year, to show what open education can look like (and of course how Canvas can be used in this process). "The focus is on the didactics we use however," Eric explains. "The recordings went very well, especially those with the students...priceless!"

To be continued...