Students present their products at the P1-event

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

1st year students present their products during the Fontys School of ICT P1 event

The time had come again on Tuesday 1 November (location Eindhoven) and Wednesday 2 November (location Tilburg) for the annual P1 event of Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT. During this event, all first year students (fulltime and Dutch speaking) presented the results of the first nine weeks of their course.

Game Design vs Security
In the first weeks of the course the students form an assignment group consisting of six people. This can be seen as a company that develops an innovative product. The themes were Game Design or Security. To develop the product as a group, knowledge of the four profiles: Business, Media Design, Software Engineering and Technology is required.

The afternoon before the P1 event the students got a final assessment from their subject teachers. In the evening, family members of the students could also take a look at all attractive, fun, funny and creative products. But it didn’t just consist of watching: each visitor got a unique voting code. With this code they could cast one vote for the three favourites. Per theme the ‘Public Prize’ was awarded to the group with the most votes.

Winners P1 event 2016

Location Eindhoven
Winners Security: “Brandla” (Vincent Denneman, Luc van Donk, Mathijs Frenken, Jelle van der Grinten, Stan Murray and Roel de Vries). This fire engine can find the ideal route to a fire itself. Ideal for the outskirts where the “normal” fire department can no longer come on time. The “Protected buggy for children” (Stefan Janssen, Bart Pouwels, Thomas van Schijndel, Tom Somhorst, Jelle Wiebrands and Igor Willigers) also won. The brake is automatic and the sun cover is pulled up on time.

Winners Game Design: “PANG” (Muhammed Bingöl, Daan van de Laar, Tom Valkenburg, Luuk Hendriks, Joris Eijmberts and Benson Liang). They designed a ping-pong table where the opponent is a robot. “Handje erbij” (Stijn Baltessen, Sander van Coolwijk, Maxim Doolaard, Stan Gloudemans, Axel van Someren and Nino Verheijen) also won in this category. This is a reaction game where a slow reaction literally gets a tap on the fingers.

Location Tilburg
Winner Security: “VA-bot (Visual Assistance Robot)” (Özge, Jelte, Umut, Jelle, Carl, Geert and Mike). With this device nurses and patients can communicate with each other better. The patient can, instead of calling the nurse by pressing a button, indicate with hand gestures what the question is, so the nurse can immediately anticipate this. This saves time and the patient has to wait less long.

Winner Game Design: “Re-Discover Retro” (Bart, Dylan, Mathijs, Dennis, Ismaïl and Cindy). These students gave the game of the past, Pong, a physical aspect. The players now have manual control of the beams! A simple idea, which was properly developed, so the player can rediscover the game.

Congratulations to the winners!

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