Nationale Sportinnovator Prijs start-up Picoo

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Teacher Iris Soute Fontys Hogeschool ICT is awarded the Nationale Sportinnovator Prijs 2016 with her start-up Picoo

Iris Soute, teacher ICT & Media Design at the Fontys Hogeschool ICT, has been awarded the Nationale Sportinnovator Prijs 2016 (“National Sports Innovator 2016”) with her Eindhoven startup Picoo and she received a sum of 30,000 euros.

Picoo is a kind of “mini-computer.” The device is fitted with sensors and has functions such as sound, lighting and vibration. It looks like a small spot light. Picoo reacts to movement and touch and can detect other devices in its vicinity. This interactive technology stimulates kids to start playing. It can make existing outdoor games such as playing tag more fun. By means of light, sound and sensors, Picoo adds a completely new dimension to outdoor playing.

“Picoo stimulates children to horse around outdoor like the good old days, with modern-day technology. Picoo was developed specifically to get children to move more. The use of Picoo causes constant interaction and contributes to the social development of children. Because different games can be played, kids won't easily get bored with Picoo. Playing outdoor never was this much fun!”

But why Picoo? “In our opinion, kids should be healthy, happy and social. Children are naturally creative. They venture out and discover the world around them. Playing outside is an important part of that. Not just because it's healthy and beneficial for children's motor and social development, but also because it's even more fun now than it used to be! Using state of the art technology, we challenge kids to play the games of back in the day in a modern guise.” says Iris Soute.

The Eindhovens Dagblad published a nice article with a photo about this special toy on Wednesday 19 October 2016. See the photo that goes with this article. This article also mentions the future. “The Nationale Sportinnovatie Prijs, worth 30,000 euros, of course is a wonderful compliment! It's pretty expensive to get from a prototype to an end product,” say Iris Soute and her companion Daniel Tetteroo in the Eindhovens Dagblad. They hope to launch Picoo in the first half year of 2017.

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