Dream IT awarded 2nd "Fontys Denk Groter Prijs"

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Dream IT awarded 2nd "Fontys Denk Groter Prijs" ("Fontys think larger prize") worth 2000 euros.

On Monday 29 August 2016, Dream IT won the 2nd "Fontys Denk Groter Prijs" at the opening of the academic year. This prize is being awarded (by the Board of Directors) to an employee or a student who made an extraordinary contribution to the educational programme of Fontys.

Siemie & Koko
The team (consisting of Daisy Ambaum, Germaine op de Kamp, Luc Drissen and Nick Knoops) has built an application: Siemie & Koko. This app is for children between 4 and 8 years of age. If they have to be admitted to hospital, then this app takes away their anxiety and makes it possible for them to go on playing, by means of adventures and games. Siemie and Koko are the key figures in the app. Siemie is a boy from the hospital, Koko is a parrot. Together with them, you can go on adventures with the aid of Augmented Reality.

Jury report
Siemie & Koko caught the jury's attention as "The best friends who help kids get better." They also stressed the fact that the app is completely in line with recent developments in the health sector.

Trophy cabinet
Dream IT won several awards with Siemie & Koko. These students had won the "Viral Award 2016" before, at the 4th edition of the ICTalent Awards on 25 May 2016 and were one of three finalists at this event. They also won the Project B Challenge.

Want to know more?
Watch the project video for Siemie & Koko for the ICTalent Awards 2016:



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