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With drones, the average ICT person thinks of the buzzing and flying kind, but the 3rd drone workshop 'Good Vibrations' was actually about sound. Drones are continuous tones, which can have a specific effect on us in music and other applications. Angela de Weijer, consultant and composer/artist, together with Woody Veneman, organised a workshop where colleagues worked together on a piece of music. 

In this video Angela tells you more about it and participants also speak.

Challenging and connecting   
The field of ICT is incredibly broad and always evolving. Stepping outside your comfort zone is therefore inherent to working at the Institute of Information & Communication Technology. Innovation is a constant challenge in both education and research. But to shape that innovation, connection is extremely important; after all, we do it together. Good Vibrations' is therefore accessible to every colleague and student; a safe, open environment to experience and experiment. This goes to the heart of Angela's work as a consultant Inclusion & Diversity and experience as a college lecturer. For creativity and open collaboration, the right setting is indispensable. 

The Drone Workshop is supported by Fontys ICT's Identity ambition theme team and organised by Angela de Weijer and Woody Veneman. Within this theme, colleagues are given the space to set up an initiative based on one or more values of the Fontys ICT compass. 'Bold Pioneering' stands for colouring outside the lines and fixed frameworks, and this quirky workshop fits in perfectly with that. A workshop that focuses on experimentation, exploring together and stepping outside your comfort zone. 

Want to know more about the drone workshop? Then contact Angela de Weijer.

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