App sees whether text is written by a student or ChatGPT

Fontys Information and Communication Technology
Three Fontys ICT students (Ruben, Niek en Max) have developed a tool that discovers the use of ChatGPT in texts. Not only that: the trio is going to turn it into an educational tool that will be offered to education for free. "Our concern is not the detection, but the didactic value of it," said the three.

​From the article in Bron (in Dutch):

More than a 'reviewer'
Ruben, Niek and Max are fourth-year ICT students in Eindhoven. Max will complete his studies in a few weeks, Ruben and Niek, if all goes well, at the end of this academic year. Meanwhile, they are already making great strides with their startup OpenMaze. They are already hiring themselves out for consulting and research & development jobs. But better advertising than the ChatGPT Detector they just put online is hardly imaginable at the moment.

When, as an assignment for their studies, they set to work on creating a tool that can detect whether text has been generated by an AI, their coaches and teachers argued that they needed to go further than that: make it something that teachers can really use, something that is more than just a detection tool. More than a review tool that just makes the judgment: this is not your text but an AI-generated text. And then also in Dutch.

"We are busy working on that right now," says Niek. "Developing such a detector is one thing. But for the Dutch language and with that added educational value, that's a whole other dragon we have to tame now."

Because, he explains, for such a tool, developers depend on the data at their disposal. "In English there is plenty of that, in Dutch it is still a challenge. And then it's harder to set a starting point. But we are busy working on that. As well as gathering data that allows you to actually use it for educational purposes."


The news article in Trouw states (in Dutch):

"The use of ChatGPT is here to stay," says Van Dam. "It is a technology that we simply cannot avoid. We especially want to give teachers tools to deal with that in a didactic way more." 


Also the Eindhovens Dagblad spoke to the students: 

ChatGPT, the computer program that effortlessly rolls out a text about anything, has caused a stir. A student's hand no longer appears on papers and articles. Three students came up with a solution.