Career Jumpstart lobbies one-off in the House of Representatives

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Last week, the Dutch Autism Association (the NVA) launched the campaign 'Autism On The Agenda'. Career Jumpstart was allowed to contribute to this campaign and the book and attend the presentation of the first book in Nieuwspoort. Member of Parliament Lisa Westerveld and several other MPs were the first to receive the book and received some wonderfully inspired speeches that immediately clarified the power of the target group. 
"Kutautist, dramautist, jankautist" was one of the opening sentences with which a student with autism made crystal clear his displeasure at the many misuses of the word autist, including by the former prime minister. As also that people with autism dominate many sad headline lists. The book that was awarded proved more subtle in tone. A beautiful book full of stories from people with autism. About work, education, living and care. They give a realistic picture of the many barriers that people with autism experience almost daily in their lives. With all the terrible consequences such as that half of adults with autism have no paid work. Not even the higher educated ones! Exactly the theme that Career Jumpstart is working on every day. And they do that better than lobbying, as it turned out! (thankfully!)