Students SPARC Incubator programme at "MolTalk" on NPO3

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Saturday, January 20, in the evening evening, our colleague Frans Mouws was a guest on "MolTalk" together with students from the SPARC Incubator programme. Frans developed a theory and tried to unmask the Mole with some students using AI. "MolTalk" can be seen immediately after "Who is the Mole" on NPO3 and is broadcast live from VondelCS in Amsterdam. In this afterthought, Marlijn Weerdenburg and Splinter Chabot discuss and speculate with former candidates and other guests about assignments, plots and theories. Although our students have not yet found the Mole, they were still welcome on the live show to talk about their project. Want to watch the broadcast back, you can do so here?

After their visit to the studio in the Molcafé, Omroep Brabant came to our Strijp TQ location and the Jeugd Journaal and Hart van Nederland also picked it up. Meanwhile, the students are getting a step further with their investigation. Whether they will actually unmask the Mole...? We keep following it....
Watch Omroep Brabant's report here

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