Fontys ICT renews Dual Degree contracts with 4 Indonesian universities

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Since the last English Stream students left Fontys ICT old curriculum and English Stream no longer exists, the new curriculum also has impact on the Dual Degrees programs that were offered to Indonesian partner universities. One of the founders, and soon to retire Leo Maessen, made it possible to intensify the relationship with our partners and even extending the programs based on the new structure. In a fluent cooperation with the Exam board of ICT & Software Engineering and ICT & Business and the support of FICT Legal and central Legal new contracts are signed.

The four partner universities are: Telkom in Bandung, ITS – Petra and ISTTS in Surabaya.

Where in the past only 1 year programs were offered, now it depends on the quality of the student, the practical experience, the soft skills and the expected overall success of the student if we offer a 1 or 1,5 or 2 year Dual Degree program. Meaning semester 3, 5, 6 and 8 for a two year program.