Winning poster design for ID+

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Team ID+ (inclusion & diversity) gave students from Media semester 2 the following challenge: 
‘’To raise awareness about what kind of place we want Fontys ICT to be for both students and employees (a safe and respectful place where people feel free to be themselves), we would like you to create a poster that shows that.’’ Students had a week to come up with a poster design. After that the posters were showcased in R10 where people could vote for their favorite design. After a week of voting, we announced the winning design. The winning design was made by…drumroll please… Polina Terentjeva! 
Polina wanted her design to highlight the idea that ‘’in our diverse international community, everyone is equal and possesses the same opportunities, regardless of their cultural, national, or religious differences. To emphasize this, I am using the slogan "Different backgrounds - same potential" and incorporating a globe to represent diversity.’’ The poster will be showcased in our various Fontys ICT institutions to spread Polina’s positive message!