Minor Global Acting in IT visits Fontys ICT in Eindhoven

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

The fifth and final teaching block of the minor Global Acting in IT started at Fontys in Eindhoven (TQ) last week. With this, the student group concludes a trip to different destinations, where each time for 3 weeks an IT topic was on the program at the partner universities involved (South Africa, Spain, Austria and Belgium). Participating students also come from these partners from the different countries and together form a class with mixed project groups. 
At Fontys, the central theme is Cyber Security, complemented by interesting guest lectures and workshops. There was a typical Dutch lunch with bread, cheese and croquettes.
When the participating students are back home from these partners there will be an online project conclusion in the project group with which they have been working on assignments all semester.

More information about this Minor can be found on the website.

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