Opening of new location Strijp TQ

Fontys Information and Communication Technology
Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT (FHICT) opened the doors of the Fontys ICT InnovationLab in the TQ building of Strijp-T in Eindhoven on Tuesday 28 August. On the first and second floor FHICT accommodated various research groups in the field of, among others, Interaction Design, Embedded Systems, Big Data, Game Design & Technology and Cyber Security. In total, 300 3rd and 4th year students will carry out applied ICT research on relevant and topical areas, in collaboration with Partners in Innovation. Cooperating, sharing knowledge, but also creating and circulating new knowledge is the main focus point.

Strijp TQ
Why was Strijp TQ chosen? Gerrie Zwartjes, location manager FHICT Strijp TQ explains: “We are at Strijp because this is a very nice environment. It is old industrial heritage where many creative companies are situated and where we want to realise new innovations with our students. This way, students, the work field and the lecturates can achieve great, innovative products. We specifically chose the TQ building at Strijp-T. This building offers long, large floors where we have the opportunity to experiment with how the spaces should be designed, where various groups can cooperate. This building became available and met our wishes. We are therefore very proud that we are sitting here now with our students. Although students only just moved in today, it feels as if they have been at work here for weeks. Everyone finds his or her place in the building. The atmosphere is positive.”

Make, create, innovate
With this motto Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT seamlessly fits in with the vision of Strijp. “There is no teaching in the building as we know it in a traditional classroom. FHICT offers education at Strijp-T in the Fontys ICT InnovationLab: an open workspace where, through the realisation of an Open Innovation environment, teachers, students and the work field cooperate, bring in knowledge and create new knowledge,” says FHICT director Ad Vissers. In the future, Partners in Innovation, companies involved in the education of Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT, will be given a workplace in the lab. The Fontys ICT InnovationLab at Strijp-T will therefore offer a valuable contribution to cooperation between the work field and education in the area of ICT.

Projects have priority
Everything that is project-related has priority at Strijp TQ. For instance, various target groups will pitch project subjects and the progress reports are clarified via public wrap-ups. The final performances of the results will be demonstrated via exhibition, showroom, publication and demonstrations. In addition, there is also room for numerous learning activities, such as lectures, workshops, knowledge sessions and keynote speakers. This can concern subjects such as Tec for Society and FHICT in Practice. FHICT is open to cooperation with other companies at Strijp-T and tours for contacts of Partners in Innovation. From Strijp TQ, participation in various events in Eindhoven will also be initiated, such as the Dutch Design Week, the Dutch Technology Week and Glow.