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Fontys Information and Communication Technology
From Rachelsmolen campus to pop music venue De Effenaar 

Tuesday 29 May Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT is organising the 6th edition of the ICTalent Awards. We can proudly reveal that we will be leaving Rachelsmolen campus this year and have found a unique location in the centre of Eindhoven: De Effenaar!

On 29 May the ICTalent Awards will be part of a whole new event: the FHICT DAY (more info about this to follow later on). But one thing is for sure: it will be even greater this year! For instance, the large hall in De Effenaar will be reserved for the ICTalent Awards and the students can literally put their project in the spotlights on the main stage. In addition, another ICTalent market will be organised in the foyer. 

"Organisation-wise, organising the event at this location is a whole new challenge. How cool is it to say as a student that you “just” gave a pitch on the main stage in De Effenaar for a large audience. It’s so great to be able to see all those proud faces again soon. This is, after all, what it’s all about," says project leader Maartje van Hees. 

ICTalent Awards 
ICTalent Awards is the competitive showcase of Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT! Students of all areas of study get the chance to show their best work to, among others, teachers, media, Partners in Education, fellow students and parents. Anyone interested is welcome. ICTalent Award is leading and innovative and aims for even more challenge. It offers inspiration and sees to knowledge sharing between students of various areas of study. In the Fontys Information & Communication Technology course appealing and innovative projects are realised which we can be proud of. Sharing pride is the main focus during the ICTalent Awards. In addition, there is great demand in the business world for entrepreneurial students: students who demonstrate initiative and daring. ICTalent Awards is the means par excellence of conveying and demonstrating this. 

The participants of the ICTalent Awards have to convince the audience of the strength of their product. This enables them to collect as many votes as possible. The three participants with the most votes will face each other in the final in front of an expert jury. 

The winner takes the ICTalent Award home and receives a voucher worth 5000 euro per project group to further develop the talent or the product. In addition, there is also the “Audience Prize 2018" and the “Exposure Award 2018.” But before you are allowed to take part in the ICTalent Awards you will first have to be selected in one of the four preliminary rounds... 

See the website FontysICTalent.nl for more information. 

For an impression, view the after movie of 2017 here or the retrospective 5-jaar ICTalent video where many former participants have their say.

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