First edition ICT in Practice is a major success

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

325 visitors get to know the world of Robotics in the Natlab

On Thursday 8 March 2018 Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT (FHICT) organised the first edition of the ICT In Practice research symposium in the Natlab. In spite of the fact that the symposium was organised for the first time, it was entirely "sold out": in total, 325 visitors found their way to the Natlab. ICT In Practice focuses on applied or practical research and aims to stimulate this type of research in the ICT field. With Robotics as the central theme this year, the symposium offered a platform for students, teachers, lecturers and partner companies of the ICT course to share knowledge and experiences and to demonstrate projects or products.

Symposium step towards a research institute   

The opening took place at 3 pm by, among others, Ad Vissers, director of FHICT, in a full auditorium. Vissers emphasised that FHICT does not yet have long-term research culture, but the symposium is taking a major step in becoming a genuine research institute. "In the area of ICT innovation (focused on technical as well as social innovation) we can play a major role and offer chances in the Brainport region around Eindhoven as well as the Midpoint region around Tilburg," says Vissers. 

Varied programme 

After the opening, experts of FHICT and the partner companies gave inspiring talks on Robot Development, such as, for instance, the integration aspects of robots in our society. Other major ICT subjects and trends were also dealt with, such as security, big data, deep learning and artificial intelligence. In between, visitors could catch up on various studies of Fontys ICT staff or visit the exhibition market with project and product demonstrations. There was also an opportunity for discussing modern-day ICT and Robotics subjects. 

High Tech Award 2018 

At the symposium the "High Tech ICT Award" worth 500 euro was awarded to the best student project at the exhibition market. A jury comprising of the High Tech Software Cluster (HTSC) assessed 12 submitted student projects and chose the project of FHICT alumnus Louis van Zijst as the winner. His project focuses on a smart way of providing escape rooms with adaptive (to the circumstances) music and sounds using sensors and techniques related to IoT (internet of things). This conjures up a playing experience similar to a videogame. 

 Stimulus for the future

Tom Langhorst, initiator of the symposium, looks back with a feeling of satisfaction. "The ICT In Practice symposium had an energetic, interesting, colourful and atmospheric first edition that can be regarded as a great success and a stimulus for the future. In addition, the symposium once again underlined the importance that is typical of applied research for higher professional education. Because, although research is often associated with major and important discoveries, it is often the results of applied research that change our living environment the most and the most direct," says Tom Langhorst.  

The organisation is also pleased and even says it’s unprecedented at FHICT that a first edition of an event is “sold out”. Although it was a little bit stressful to see whether all visitors would fit in the Natlab, this turned out not to be a problem. The audience came in scattered. The organisation now looks back on a successful first edition. Up to 2019! 

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