Fontys School of ICT organises first edition of ICT In Practice

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Fontys School of ICT organises first edition of ICT In Practice Research Symposium on March 8 2018

Central theme "Robotics" Thursday 8 March 2018  Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT (FHICT)  will organise the first edition of the ICT In Practice Research Symposium. Everyone is welcome from 2.30 pm in the Natlab at StrijpS in Eindhoven. The programme ends at 7 pm. It will be followed by a networking drink until 8 pm. Registering to the symposium can be done via the online registration form on the website: Entrance is free.

The programme consists of twenty different talks by professionals on Robotics and many other ICT-related subjects, projects and themes. Twenty project and product demonstrations by OCT students, teachers and companies will also be presented. In addition, there will be various discussions about relevant subjects, such as security, data science, open education and technology acceptance. Finally, one can take part in a Robotics Challenge workshop. So it’s an inspiring programme, but also a great opportunity for networking. ICT In Practice will bustle with activities in which knowledge, ambitions, opportunities and possibilities will be shared within the FHICT community. 

Robotics theme 
Will robots help people or substitute them? The rise of the robot raises contradicting questions. The image people used to have of robots being able to do heavy and repetitive work on their own has seriously changed. With the increase of computing power and the sharpening of the sensors, they are capable of carrying out increasingly complex tasks and of interacting with people. In addition, robots have become more than ordinary toys. They do, however, continue to exert an almost irresistible attraction on us. These contradictions result in an interesting angle for the various tracks during the ICT In Practice Research Symposium. Although robotics is central, there is also room for other interesting developments in the world of ICT. 

ICT In Practice  
ICT In Practice is a platform for practical research exploring initiatives within the field of ICT and, coming from the FHICT community, offering a platform for the exchange of knowledge and networking. One of the expressions of the platform is the annual ICT In Practice Research Symposium, where a different subject takes centre stage each edition. 

All information and more details about the different talks, speakers, demonstrations, etc. can be found on the website