Interactive wall construction FHICT Tilburg

Fontys Information and Communication Technology
Fontys ICT Tilburg is making an interactive wall around the construction site in the new educational location at campus Stappegoor.

Fontys is working on the future. This requires a new education location at campus Stappegoor for Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT (FHICT) and Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (ACI). The construction of this new location began in August 2018. The building will be completed at the end of 2019.

Up until a few months before this completion, the whole construction site has been closed off with a wooden wall. Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT converted part of this wooden wall of 240 cm height into an actual interactive wall. In total, three ICT & Media Design teachers got started with the design and execution. A first for FHICT Tilburg.

Watch the video where the three designers have their say here!