Students with VDL Robotsports team in Portugal

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Five students from the RIF development team for the football robot joined the VDL Robotsports team who traveled to Portugal from 24 to 28 April 2019 to participate in Robocup MSL. This is a soccer match with 5 autonomously programmed robots that independently determine through their sensors and camera what actions they must take to score goals as a team.

The students normally work in the RIF team with researchers from the High Tech Embedded Software research group on programming the football robots. They do this on Wednesday evenings and this school year also in semester 6 of Technology and Open Innovation. The students supported the VDL Robotsports team in Porto in the (European) matches that were played there. VDL Robotsports and the RIF team are hoping to continue this collaboration.

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