FHICT Day 2019

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

De Effenaar bustles with knowledge, inspiration and talents from the ICT world during the FHICT Day

Friday 24 May Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT organised the second edition of the FHICT Day. A big meeting day for and with various target groups of FHICT. De Effenaar was all about knowledge, inspiration and talent from the ICT world. From artist foyer and dressing rooms to large hall and even a big tent, it was a bustle of energy all around! A day full of discoveries and developments in the area of ICT. Interesting sessions and inspiring speakers by the work field (Partners in Education) as well as own employees and students. The icing on the cake was the ICTalent Awards; the competitive showcase of FHICT. Especially for all employees, this day ended with a dinner and a spectacular staff party!

Keynote speaker Menno Lanting

The day started with the key note by Menno Lanting. Menno is the expert in the field of the impact of the rapidly changing world on leadership, innovation and how we work.

Organizations where we thought their relevance would continue into decades are crumbling in front of us. Consumers and citizens are now so well connected that information, news and trends are spreading rapidly around the globe. This means that in many cases organizations have to come up with new products, services and business models faster. This requires more innovation and smarter organization and, as a result, more experiments.

The most important conditions for innovation are the right people, technology and corporate culture. Other business models and organizational forms are emerging and our view of leadership is also changing radically. Today's professional is more independent of organizations than ever before. Finding the right talent is becoming a challenge for more and more organizations.

Menno Lanting introduced us to these changes in his keynote in a stimulating and humorous way.

Inspiring sessions: from the synthetic generation to developments in cyber security

Then there were several interesting sessions to follow. Nick van Breda spoke frankly about his personal life and his goal to improve the world: "turning 1 million makers into changemakers". Jelle Raaijmakers told about Kubernetes, there was an FHICT Pubquiz and sessions were held about the development themes of the new FHICT ambition plan#2023 - Open Up.

After a delicious lunch buffet in the tent and in the restaurant of the Effenaar, the second round of sessions followed.

Trend analyst Thijs Pepping showed how a synthesis is emerging between digital and analog, but also that technology is increasingly questioned. Through clear examples, he explained the impact of the most advanced digital technologies. Eward Driehuis told about the trends and developments in the field of Cyber ​​Security and there was an introduction and demonstration of the Fontys UXLAB.

Talent on stage during the ICTalent Awards 
The afternoon ended with the ICTalent Awards in the large hall. In total, eight participants pitched their best ideas to an enthusiastic (international) audience consisting of various companies, employees, students and proud family members in a sold-out hall. Project group “BiZi” eventually won the main prize of 2,000 euro per person. The 400 visitors chose “Sparky” as the audience favourite. They won the Audience Award. Project group "Ability" won the Exposure Award powered by Greenhouse. They managed to create the most online exposure for their product within a limited time.

Sparkling staff party with various artists
After the ICTalent Awards there was a delicious dinner in the tent exclusively for all employees (and one introduction). At the end of the FHICT-Day a spectacular staff party in the small room of the Effenaar that started with a performance by Steven Brunswijk, better known as the "Braboneger". Then a hilarious Rock 'n Roll Bingo, after which the FHICT-Day Band, consisting of teachers from FHICT, rocked the hall. At last DJ "Danny Dee" provided the audience nice danceable beats.