15 years ICT & Media Design

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Reunion 15 years ICT & Media Design: socializing and thinking about FHICT community

ICT & Media Design celebrates its 15th anniversary this year! This was celebrated on Friday 29 November during a pleasant reunion in the old Eindhoven gasworks Fifth NRE. Many former students from the early years of our education had come to Eindhoven for that purpose, while enjoying a snack and a drink, to catch up and reminisce with their former classmates and former teachers.

A pleasant reunion where of course the content of our training was discussed and where some alumni told about what they are doing now. One of them is Maarten Witteveen, Technical Lead at Manus VR. He talked about the development of the Manus VR, an innovative VR glove that is used for simulation and training in the health sector and the army. Former student Luke Janissen, Conversational Designer at Greenhouse, was also present and gave us a glimpse into the world of voice design for children. He showed some cases in which he was involved, such as the Auping bedtime story for Google Home and Rembrandt's Painting Education. Very nice to try out for yourself with your children!

Great opportunity for #2023-OPEN UP

The fact that there were so many former students together is, of course, a unique event. The ambition themes #2023-OPEN UP did not want to miss this opportunity. That is why the Identity and Knowledge Transfer ambition theme teams - which have joined forces to create a 'Community of IT' - were present to discuss with the alumni how we can give substance to this community now and in the future. The Media Design alumni were all enthusiastic about staying in touch with us more intensively. In addition to many useful tips and ideas, several of them also offered to make an active contribution to the formation of this community and to collaborate on education and research and innovation projects, among other things. In the coming period, the ambition themes will further investigate what is possible and desirable in this respect and give further substance to it.