Making an impact with medicine app in Kigali

Fontys Information and Communication Technology
More and more people, especially young people, want to work for a company that 'matters'. The Impact on Society theme team therefore wants to involve more such organisations in education.

And with success, because recently a new project started with the new impactful partner WorkXP foundation. The mission: Develop a solution for better medicine availability in the capital Kigali with students of FHICT and young IT professionals from Rwanda. 

The project is executed by students from different routes: ICT & Business trainee Sam van den Biggelaar, two project groups in Tilburg of ICT &Software Semester 4 and a project group Open Innovation in Eindhoven. They work together with two Rwandan graduate IT professionals.

Sam: "Why I choose this project? Good health is important for everyone. It's crazy that people in Kigali are prescribed medication, but can't get it or find it. This motivates me enormously to use my ICT knowledge to improve the health of people there".

In addition to the impact, the case is also a good example of internationalisation, according to coaches Rob Verhoeven and Lennart de Graaf: "differences in culture, infrastructure and laws and regulations are all relevant. Not to mention working together in an international context on a single software project and all the communication that this requires".