Data Driven Business Lab students develop smart 'voting guide'

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Political Tinder' by students from Eindhoven shows not what parties promise, but how they actually vote

With the elections approaching, the question arises again for many voters: which party is best for me? For a good answer, a group of students from Fontys in Eindhoven developed Slimmer Kiezen, a programme that works like the dating site Tinder. Our site gives a much more honest picture. There is a world of difference between wanting something and actually doing it.

Over the years, the voter guide has grown into a phenomenon that is impossible to imagine life without at election time. The range of websites and apps is now so great that there are even voter guides that help the floating voter choose the right one.

The voter guide developed by the ICT students of Fontys as part of their minor Data Driven Business Lab has a special starting point. For in 'Smart Choices' - as the guide is called - it is not what political parties promise in their election programmes that is leading, but what the parties in the Lower House have actually put into practice. 

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Author: Ad de Koning