FHICT student Sander Schoone wins SUE Student Edition 2021

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Sander Schoone wins SUE Student edition 2021

SUE Student Edition 2021 was online this year and focused on security & hacking. During this event SUE (cloud & automation IT-consultancy company and Partner in Education of Fontys Hogeschool ICT) shares knowledge with the younger generation and students can participate in a hacking challenge. The challenge was won by Fontys Hogeschool ICT student from Tilburg: Sander Schoone!

On 22 April, from his home in Klundert, Sander went in search of the so-called flag. Against nine other participants, he played a Capture the Flag game. The point is: whoever breaks into the system of the assignment first (with permission) gets the most points. If you break in later, you get fewer points. Sander Schoone: "I had access to the machine within 15 minutes. So I was in first place right away, and I kept it." 

Read more about SUE Student Edition 2021 here.

For the fans, this is how Sander won the competition:  

1. Reconnaissance, footprinting and vulnerability analysis: find out more about the system and see where you can potentially break

2. Exploitation: actually gaining access to the system

3. Privilege escalation: increase your own rights by becoming an administrator/root.

4. Reading the flag: proof that I hacked the machine

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