Fontys R10 wins School Building of the Year Award 2021

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

A building for new education

The new R10 building on the Fontys Campus Rachelsmolen won prizes during the Architectenweb Awards 2021. The location, which houses Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT, Fontys Pulsed and Fontys Paramedic University, was recognised as School Building of the Year on Wednesday evening 10 November in the Keilepand in Rotterdam during the annual ceremony. The award is based on social relevance, professionalism and degree of innovation.

Space for new education

The building was developed by Ector Hoogstad Architecten, with a focus on connection, flexibility and sustainability. Characteristics that fit within a future-proof educational campus, but also a place where educational innovation takes place. The open structure of R10 offers space for new education, in which open learning environments, cooperation and practice-oriented research play a central role. Fontys Pulsed, Paramedic University and ICT University therefore do not use classical classrooms, but open work spaces. Interim director Frens Vonken of Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT is happy with the recognition of the building: "Education in R10 stands for connection. Connection between and with our students, the professional field and society. In that respect, the architectural R10 building has a lot of potential and is inviting. That suits the social role of Fontys.

Challenges in use

After eighteen months of working mainly online, making use of the building's potential still requires some attention. Because of the pandemic, there has been little room for adjustment, familiarisation and optimisation of the layout. A specially formed task force is charting experiences and specific user challenges, and looking for ways to make optimal use of the building for the flexible form of education used by the Fontys institutes.


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