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Our employees give inspiring workshops during the 9th OMO ICT and education day

On 12 November 2015, the 9th OMO ICT & Education day was organised at 2College Cobbenhagenlyceum in Tilburg. The theme of this education day was personalised education, supported by ICT. Next to that the theme ICT as a school subject was highlighted. Fontys Hogeschool ICT was well-represented at the OMO day through the many of its employees who were present! They gave various inspiring workshops and keynotes.

Eric Slaats: keynote on the new education

Eric Slaats gave a keynote on how to organise education so that it stays up-to-date with regard to all the new developments. With the rise of the internet, lots of information has become available to the masses. Coupled with a mobile technology, this means that everyone carries his or her network, tools and the largest library in the world with him/her all the time. The role of the teacher will become increasingly important in this world, but it is going to be subject to huge change.

Think-Tank open ICT education

In his keynote, Eric Slaats pictured how the world around us is currently changing and how this impacts ICT education. In the past few years, the Fontys ICOP team (consisting of Eric Slaats, Michael Schifferling, Martijn Ruissen, Lennart de Graaf and Marcel Veldhuijzen) has set a few transformations of the educational system in motion within Fontys. They kept an open setting with room for discussion about this subject and the challenges that accompany it.

Programming in Small Basic

Rob van Stratum and Erdinc Saçan provided an introduction into what we are teaching starting ICT professionals. They explained how ICT is grounded in our curriculum and gave a short but snappy workshop. In this workshop, participants learned how they can have Small Basic perform a Break Even Analysis by programming a tool in it.

The creative side of ICT

Jo-An Kamp, Sebastiaan Lefèvre and Evert van Grift held a workshop on the creative side of ICT. During this workshop, they inspired participants to further define the present perspective on ICT education. The main theme was "ICT as a (creative) school subject." They also discussed talent-oriented education.

1 app in 1 hour

Björn Hamels held a workshop in which participants worked together to make a simple program. This workshop mainly focused on the part "ICT as a school subject." They showed what an average week looks like for a software engineer. Most of the workshop was dedicated to people working together to make an Android app on a smartphone.

Control your own robot!

René Bakx held a workshop in which participants had to write a program for the robot, so that it could get out of a maze in as little time as possible. In this way, people learned that programming is not only needed for the development of apps, a website or a program on your laptop, but that all kinds of devices are being controlled by robots.

Talent-oriented education

How to create room for talent development with an existing curriculum or programme. The growing number of solutions and possibilities of ICT in eduction create ever more room for differentiation in the study course and the guidance of students. But how to organise this? Eric Slaats, Martijn Ruissen, Lennart de Graaf, Michael Schifferling and Marcel Veldhuijzen held a workshop on talent-oriented education. Here too there was ample room for discussion with the participants.

In short: many inspiring workshops by our employees at this 9th edition of the OMO day!

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