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Participants ICTalent Awards 2016 are known

After two suspenseful preliminaries, the participants of the ICTalent Awards 2016 are known. A total of 26 students has been selected, spread over 7 groups: from 1st to 4th year students from various study routes. In the preliminaries, students had to pitch their ideas within 2 minutes' time in front of an expert jury. This pitch was subsequently evaluated on four criteria: persuasiveness, authenticity, distinctive features and innovative thrust. Next to that, every participant needs to have a working prototype at the day that the event takes place (25 May 2016).

Participants ICTalent Awards 2016

The following participants were selected and get to pitch their idea once more in front of a full hall during the ICTalent Awards on Wednesday 25 May in the main hall of R5 (in a random order):

Siemie & Koko
Germaine op Kamp, Nick Knoops, Daisy Ambaum, Luc Drissen, Menno Sijben


Escape Room
Raoul Houkes, Sander Dings, Tom Vaessen, Frank Severijns, Louis van Zijst, Thomas Goos, Luc Gommans, Tim de Graaf


English Stream, Sahar Bakhtidri


Education & Dermatology
Ruben van Amelsvoort, Sjors van Mierlo, Aylin Nederhof


Steve Thijssen


Jens Gielen, Laura Gerards, Stefan Grimminck, Jort Polderdijk, Kevin de Beer (Locatie Tilburg)


Thomas Gladdines, Giel van Heugten, Angelo Derks, Kristian Hansen, Danny van den Bergh, Jonathan Francisca


So there are 7 participating groups, of which 1 from English Stream, 1 from the Dutch full-time programme in Tilburg and 5 participants from the Dutch full-time programme in Eindhoven.

ICTalent Awards

ICTalent Awards is the competitive showcase of Fontys Hogeschool ICT! Students from all study programs are being given the chance to show their best work to teachers, media, Partners in Education, fellow-students, friends and family. By means of pitches, students have to convince the audience and gather as many votes as possible for their product. Do they succeed? In that case they will come face to face in the finale in front of an expert jury. The winner will take the ICTalent Award home and receives a cheque worth of 2000 euro. Additionally there are the Public Prize, the Viral Award 2016 and the entrepreneurship award.

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