Sligro Thesis award 2016

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Student Wouter Klaassen wins Sligro Thesis award 2016

Wouter Klaassen, student of ICT & Business, won the Sligro Thesis award 2016 for his thesis on the ICT-department of company Peka Kroef.

Wouter did an internship at the potato processing plant Peka Kroef. "My final project was about finding the best way for the ICT-department of Peka Kroef to pick up the subject of 'architecture". The result was a company-compliant architecture method that helps in the timely embedding of new (ICT) developments and projects in daily activities. The teachers of Fontys were so impressed that they nominated my thesis for the Sligro Thesis award 2016 without me even knowing. This prize gets awarded to the best final thesis of the educational programme for that year", says Wouter.

Much to his surprise, the award ceremony was halted for a minute by Maurice van Veghel, CIO at Sligro Food Group. "He asked two nominated students to come forward, of which I was one, and said some nice words about the work we did. My classmate and fellow-nominee got a mark 10 for his thesis, I got a 9. It was therefore 'logical' that he would win the award, I thought to myself." Nothing was further from the truth, because Wouter's thesis was awarded with the Sligro Thesis Award and a money prize of €500.

"Something I had never seen coming, a cool surprise and a nice reward for my work at Peka Kroef the last year. I can't think of a nicer way of finishing my time as a student."

Wouter, congratulations!


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